Apr 18, 2010

TPT 1.1

My TPT project finally has been released to version 1.1 Main changes are pdf document viewer which allow to stream and view very large pdf files in a manner of google book reader and without downloading any contents to the client computer. Also, it has been aligned with recently released Vaadin 6.3.

Browse and download from google code - http://code.google.com/p/tpt or from Vaadin Directory


  1. Hi,
    I'm VERY new to Vaadin, I haven't actually used it yet, but will do ;-).

    A question. Can TPT's extra UI components be styled/edited, visually, with existing Vaadin tools (I believe their is a Vaadin visual editor for Eclipse)?

    My idea is to start Vaadin development with the greatest/easiest toolset possible, this is why I'm considering TPT and McVaadin (TPT looks more useful, however :-D ).



  2. Hi Richard !

    As all TPT's extra UI components are server-side only, e.g. based on standard Vaadin widgets, you can style them as standard ones via CSS.

    Regarding the Visual Editor, I suppose it operates only with standard set and does not allow to manipulate with third-party classes yet. But you can easily add placeholders in the visual editor and then replace them in your sourcecode with the actual TPT component.


  3. Anonymous14/3/11 02:25

    Any updates we can expect to TPT? I've seen it in use in many projects.

  4. eeq, sorry for delayed reply, kind a hot time at work :)
    Sure, TPT will keep updating. The minor version already in svn and will be soon at add-ons page of Vaadin with 6.5 support, major version is being developed with a number of new productivity features

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